Tips for a successful loan application.


Germans like to finance on credit – as the latest figures from the banking association show: last year, the number of consumer loans granted in Germany rose by 6.9 percent to a total volume of 41 billion USD.

No wonder, because applying for and taking out a loan is no longer a big deal, especially via the Internet. If you follow some important tips, you will find the cheapest loan for your individual financing request within a few minutes.

Apply for loans online – you should pay attention to this

Apply for loans online - you should pay attention to this

First of all, the potential borrower should carefully consider which amount of money should be borrowed from the bank: Too high a loan amount results in unnecessarily high interest payments – if too little money is borrowed from the bank, the planned financing may have to be paid additionally via the expensive overdraft facility. When preparing to take out a loan, consumers should also carefully consider the amount of money that can be conveniently spent each month to repay the loan.

The loan term results from the repayment rate – the period between the payment of the loan amount and the complete repayment of the money. The longer the term, the lower the monthly burden of the repayment rate. However, due to the additional loan interest due, the total loan amount increases at the same time. Similarly, the repayment rate is high with a short term, but the total loan costs decrease overall.

Uncomplicated loan application via loan comparison

Uncomplicated loan application via loan comparison

After the parameters have been defined, the search for the cheapest loan can begin: To do this, simply enter the required amount of money and the desired term in a free and non-binding loan comparison. After a few moments, the comparison calculator determines the corresponding current conditions that many different banks offer for this individual loan request.

After the suitable offer has been determined, the loan can be applied for directly online via the loan comparison. After just a few minutes, the loan application from the desired bank is ready.

If the customer passes the first standardized credit check of the bank, the credit application and other documents for the second, thorough check must be sent to the bank using the Postident procedure. If this check is also successful for the applicant, the loan amount will be paid to the borrower’s account within a few days.

First home restructuring mortgages loans: with Social Institute

Renovating the house always involves significant expenses. Supporting them is possible thanks to solutions such as first home renovation mortgages. But which one has the most competitive conditions? Here are the answers you were looking for.

First home renovation mortgages: who offers them

First home renovation mortgages: who offers them

When discussing first home renovation mortgages, several floors can be involved. One of these is the Social Institute ex Government Agency mortgage loan. Requestable by members of the Unified Management of credit and social benefits, it allows to obtain a maximum of $ 150,000. The sum can never exceed 40% of the value of the property according to the appraisal.

This mortgage can be requested for both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works. The rate can be fixed or variable. In the first case it is equal to 2.95%. In the second, however, it must be calculated on the basis of the 6-month installment plus 200 points and calculated over 360 days.

Mortgage restructuring with Social Institute: how to request it

Mortgage restructuring with Social Institute: how to request it

How can I apply for first home Social Institute ex Government Agency home loans? Proceeding only electronically. It is also essential to attach all the required documentation, including the substitute declaration of notarial deed. Otherwise, in fact, the application is excluded. The useful days for sending are from 1st to 10th January, from 1st to 10th May and from 1st to 10th September each year.

Banks also offer mortgages of this type. One of the lenders to consider is Single Loan.

Mortgage restructuring with Single Loan: how it works

Mortgage restructuring with Single Loan: how it works

How do Single Loan first home renovation mortgages work? First of all, remember that the customer can request up to $ 100,000. Secondly, the amount is paid on the basis of the progress of the work.

The aforementioned mortgage can last from 3 to 10 years. For loans up to $ 30,000, it is possible to proceed with a debit on a current account or on a prepaid Genius Card. For those who carry out work subject to tax deduction, a subsidized TAN of 6.5% is envisaged. The rate applied is fixed for the entire duration of the amortization.

Best Bank Mortgage Renovation: how it works, who can request it and how much can be obtained

Another product that deserves a mention in the field of first home renovation mortgages is the Poste Italiane proposal. The Best Bank Restructuring loan can have a duration of between 10 and 30 years. The customer who submits a cost estimate can request a sum equal to 100% of the same. A necessary condition is that it does not exceed 40% of the value of the property according to the appraisal.

The aforementioned mortgage can be at a fixed, variable or mixed rate. In the third case, the plan can be reviewed every 2 or 5 years. To see how it works we assume the request for a twenty-year mortgage of $ 100,000. In this case, considering the fixed rate, there would be a monthly payment of $ 533.75. The APR of the product is 2.71% and the TAN of 2.57.